It all began with a small tin whistle: this instrument was missing from a planned performance by the band “Irish Blend”. After just two weeks, Reiner Köhler played Irish music for the first time in front of almost 500 spectators and a musical addiction was sparked.

However, Reiner describes his first “real” instrument as the Irish tenor banjo, with which he performed with Irish Blend for 15 years. During this time he also began to learn to play the Uillean Pipes, the Irish bagpipes.

Very soon, guitar and Irish bouzouki expanded Reiner’s instrumentarium and his musical wanderings also led him to play bass for five years in the rock band “Volldampf”.

Reiner, who was born in Gleidingen near Hanover in 1960, has always remained true to his musical roots as a long-time member of the Hannover Session and the nationally known Hanover folk formation “DeReelium”.

In addition to Duo Lautensang, Reiner is an integral part of the “Hanover Irish Session” and also plays in the folk bands “Northbound” and “Squish”.

Reiner’s self-built Irish bouzoukis, octave mandolins and mandolins can be found here: Musik aus der Werkstatt